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Running on empty

By   /  April 29, 2014  /  2014 Spring, Archives, Features, Opinion  /  Comments Off


I hate running, from a very deep, and very personal part of my soul. I’m a pretty physically awkward dude to begin with. When I was younger, you might have referred to me as an “inside kid.” Combine that with stubby legs and a generally apathetic attitude towards fitness, and it makes an activity not […]

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Should NCAA athletes be compensated for their play?

By   /  April 29, 2014  /  2014 Spring, Archives, News, Point and Counterpoint  /  Comments Off

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Chicago Jazz Philharmonic pays tribute to NOLA at the MAC

By   /  March 26, 2014  /  Arts & Entertainment, Music  /  Comments Off

Orbert Davis_Flickr_Marc Monaghan

The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic played the MAC on Saturday, taking over the Belushi Performance Hall with “Mardi Gras Carnival: A Salute to New Orleans.” Orbert Davis directed the show, which according to him was, “a celebration of the culture and the freedom of musical interpretation that happened [in New Orleans].” The performance started of with […]

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Community farm food for thought

By   /  March 26, 2014  /  News  /  Comments Off


Just weeks after rebranding the college, “the new school of thought,” the administration has decided to eliminate the Community Education Farm. Those two ideas – the rebranding and the farm – seem separate, but when examined together reveal something troubling about the school we attend. The loss of the farm is a bummer in its […]

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Spring break in the burbs

By   /  March 26, 2014  /  Arts & Entertainment, Music, Opinion  /  Comments Off


The car’s all packed, the cooler’s full and  your friend made what he promises to be “the best road trip playlist ever, seriously dude.” It’s spring break, and you’re road tripping down to PCB or PBR or whatever acronym the kids are flocking to these days. That is, unless, you don’t live in a low […]

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How should the U.S. respond to Russia in Crimea?

By   /  March 26, 2014  /  2014 Spring, News, Opinion, Point / Counter Point  /  Comments Off

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.37.05 PM

Haroon Atcha // Political Columnist With the annexation of Crimea, Vladimir Putin has called our bluff. Our tough talk has in the end, not amounted to much. Crimea isn’t worth the fight to America, and Western Europe can’t live without Russia’s investments. That being said, the sovereignty of borders must be respected and we shouldn’t […]

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Big trouble in little Kiev: a summary of the Ukraine protests

By   /  March 6, 2014  /  News, Opinion  /  Comments Off


By now, most have heard mention of the protests in Ukraine. Months of protests culminating in an incredibly bloody conflict last week, have finally resulted in a temporary lull after the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych. But what actually happened? With the speed at which news has been coming out, if you haven’t been watching […]

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Diana Martinez Wants You! New MAC Director Pushes For Students On Stage

By   /  March 6, 2014  /  Arts & Entertainment, Theater  /  Comments Off

Diana Martinez Headshot

At the end of January, the college announced the MAC’s Interim Director, Diana Martinez, would be named Director of the MAC. A lot has been said about her impressive credentials and extensive experience, but little has been said about her personally. The question that seems to be on the students’ minds is, “Who is this […]

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