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Sochi Preview: Security

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As the world turns its eyes on Sochi in the next few weeks, the Russian government’s eyes will be wide open as the threat of terrorist attacks has put many people on edge. Sochi, a coastal town in southern Russia, is geographically surrounded by the North Caucasus, home to Islamic extremists vowing to strike targets in and around the winter games.

Here are just some of the security measures the Kremlin has enacted, as compiled by Business Insider:

-Russia aims to detect threats through heavy surveillance, employing the use of drones, security cameras and spying on communications.

-Attendees are subjected to background checks and physical screenings before heading inside the city’s secured areas.

-Special operations soldiers in the mountain regions will attempt to prevent potential terrorists from heading to Sochi.

-50,000 police officers and soldiers will constantly patrol most aspects of the city, including checkpoints, Olympic buildings and even sewer systems.\

-Navy ships and anti-ballistic missile launchers have been placed surrounding Sochi.

Here are some of the measures enacted by the U.S.:

-The State Department issued a travel alert for American travelers to be attentive to their personal security “at all times.”

-The State Department has advised the U.S. Olympic team and other Americans traveling to Sochi to avoid wearing ‘Team USA” gear for personal safety, according to Reuters.

-Two American warships fitted with transport helicopters have moved into the Black Sea to move Americans in the event of an emergency evacuation, according to CNN. The U.S. has also sent FBI agents to Sochi.


–Joash Mencias
Photo credit: Reuters

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