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Straight Talk: 12/11/13 Issue

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New Year’s Slump

 I always set New Year’s resolutions that I don’t end up keeping. Should I just skip the resolution completey? 


Dear Grumpy,

Instead of trying to make a resolution just for the sake of making one, try planning out a realistic goal that you have always wanted to acheive, and adopt it as your resolution. It does not have to be fitness related! Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to try. Plan a time to go and do it. Maybe you want to stop doing something (thinking negatively?). Design a personal plan to reach that goal and list specific steps for how you will accomplish it. Visualize yourself succeding, and imagine how great you will feel after reaching your goal. Remember, the key to success when planning is to balance the big picture with the small details. Give yourself wiggle room to change things along the way!


Transferring Woes

I really want to transfer to a four year university after spring semester at COD. I am not sure which classes to sign up for, because I want to make sure they will transfer, but I’m am considering three different schools and have not made up my mind yet. How can I figure this out!?


Dear TrasnferTroubles,

The process of transferring can be quite a headache if you haven’t done your research. I recommend making an appointment with a transfer coordinator to go over all of your options (Contact 630-942-2776). Before you go in for your appointment check out Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), which can be found on COD’s transfer page of the school website. Here, you will find lists of courses that transfer to various universities. Print off transfer information for each school you are interested in and cross reference them. Chances are there will be courses at COD that will transfer to most, or all, of the universitites you are considering. Double check your information with a transfer coordinator!

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