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Demolition crews tear through Building M. The rest of the west campus area is slated to be converted into green space by spring. Photo by Denton Dooley // Staff Photographer


Building M already down, L & FSC up next…

The college began the final stretch of referendum-related construction as Building M came crashing down last week. The demolition marks the start of extensive work on the west side of the Glen Ellyn campus. Buildings L and K along with the Open Campus Center and Field Studies Center will be demolished later this term through spring. The area will be converted to green space. According to Bruce Schmiedl, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, the west campus demolition will occur in three phases. In the current phase, Building M has been demolished while permanent utilities will be placed to serve the west campus. Phase II will begin on Oct. 7 and will knock down building L and the Field Studies Center. Phase III will begin in February with the rest of the buildings being torn down. After demolition is completed, the college will transform the area into an open space reserve with sidewalks for students to walk through.

As to any more construction of buildings in the area, Schmiedl said it depends if the college even decides to put up new buildings.“It’s still too early to know whether or not that will come to fruition,” Schmiedl said. Once the area is clear of build- ings, an unnamed loop road will be paved. The street begins near parking lot E and will connect to parking lots nearest to the Early Childhood Center and the newly constructed Campus Maintenance Center. Schmiedl expects partial completion of work on the west campus by the spring semester with the full completion by this summer.


-Access between parking lot College 6 and OCC and K buildings will shift. Pedestrians will 
be routed to the west side of the demolition project along an asphalt path immediately 
west of the demolition work. 
-The walkway north of the Pond is blocked by the construction site. Pedestrians need to 
use the sidewalk that parallels Lambert Road, to reach northern or southern 
-The walkway south of the Pond is blocked by the construction site. However, pedestrian 
access between Lambert Road and the College 6 parking lot is open.
-The doors on the east side of the OCC building are closed due to construction of utilities 
next to the building. Patrons will need to enter the building on the west side of the 
                                                                    Information courtesy of Facilities and Planning Development
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