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Streaming Wars

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The battle has begun; local video stores are fading into the past and being replaced with online-streaming services. 

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have entered into the fray leaving consumers to wonder,which one is superior? Which site has the most content? What provider has the most to offer at the right price? Check out the breakdown young padawan.

James Driscoll // Arts Contributor

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Monthly rate:
$6.59 for Amazon.  

$7.99 for Netflix and Hulu.

Advantage: Amazon.

You can’t argue with the numbers; Amazon is cheaper than the competitors.


Amazon has 41,000 movies and television episodes. Netflix contains more than 100,000 streaming options, but Hulu has the latest television shows plus movies.

 Draw: Hulu and Netflix.Netflix has much more content. Hulu has television shows that are currently in the middle of a season. If you’re more interested in television, Hulu is the way to go. If you favor movies, Netflix doesn’t get any better. Amazon has plenty to offer with books, but can’t match Hulu or Netflix in terms of content.Quality of Viewing:
According to Geek.com writer, Russell Holly, “Hulu and Amazon are limited to a maximum of 720 p while Netflix has streaming options of 1080 p (HD).

 Advantage: Netflix. Netflix has upgraded much of its content to HD. If you have a flat screen and quality speakers, Netflix is far superior.

 Mobile functionality:   For viewing options, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon all have smart phone, X-box 360 and PS3 compatibility. If you have internet connection, you will be able to stream on-the-go.Advantage: Netflix and Hulu. All three streamers worked perfectly with smart phones. However, with Wii and Ps3, Amazon Prime had delays. While, this problem was rare, the other sites had no problems regarding this issue.

 Newest content:  Unfortunately, the movie titles are definitely older.  If you want too see the recently released films, you have to rent through DVDs. Want to watch a new TV series but didn’t get to your DVR in time? Netflix and Hulu offer up to date TV series at the press 

 Advantage: Hulu. Netflix offers original, Emmy-winning shows such as “House of Cards,” while Hulu streams the newest episodes. I would have to say Hulu wins this one. If you missed the most recent episode of “Modern Family” or “Family Guy,” you can do it with Hulu. Amazon and Netflix do not have contracts with studios like Hulu does, so they will not have any new material to stream.Original content:
Hulu has shows such as “Battle Ground” and “Up to Speed” and Netflix offers “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” As for Amazon, they will not have any original series until next year.

Advantage: Netflix.Hulu has original series, but how many of those shows are people taking interest in? Netflix’s original series, “Orange is the New Black,” has been raved about and brings in an audience; not to mention Netflix was nominated for 14 Emmys. 

Overall Verdict: Netflix.  All three providers offer unique advantages.  Amazon Prime is better for those who shop on their site and Hulu is on top when it comes to TV. But, Netflix has more content and better quality video streaming especially if you are a film junkie. The company has more subscribers, and, they definitely earned it.

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