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STRAIGHT TALK: 9/25/13 Issue

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Straight Talk is an advice column aimed at questions you’d ask your best friend…except Straight Talk won’t fluff the answers. Real advice for real issues, from someone who has been there, done that. To get your questions answered, email overheardcod@gmail.com


High maintenance girlfriend!

My girlfriend expects me to text her first every day and make all the plans. She says, “That’s my job as a boyfriend.” I understand that’s just her way of looking at it, but I disagree. I’m sick of putting in all the effort but how I am supposed to make her start taking control?

-Upper hand

Dear Upper Hand,

You need to explain to your girlfriend that you aren’t her employee, but rather, her boyfriend. A healthy relationship is a two way street, where both parties contribute equally. Ask her how she would feel if you had the same expectations; sometimes a little perspective goes a long way. If you want her to take more control in your dates, present it in a positive light. Try asking her to plan something that she is interested in for you to do together. If things continue to be so skewed, it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Open book boyfriend

 I love my boyfriend, but I hate how much he talks about us on Facebook. He says all positive things, which is nice, but I’m more of a private person. The one time I tried talking to him about it, he got mad and said, “well sorry I like to show you off and be proud to have you!” and it caused a huge argument.

-What the eff

Dear What the eff,

Though it’s very ␣attering that your boyfriend likes to put everything up on Facebook, your concern with it is legitimate. Aside from the fact that it is downright annoy- ing, Facebook is available to anyone and everyone who wants to see it, including potential employers. Though ev- erything your boyfriend has posted has been positive, it is still a private area of your life, and you have the right to want to keep it that way. Explain that you would like to talk to him about it again, and you would appreciate if he could hear you out. Point out that there is something romantic (and more mature) about having aspects of your relationship kept from the Facebook world. Remind him that ALL of his Facebook friends can see what he posts… including his mom.

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