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Oath into Office

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The Courier sat down with newly inducted Student Trustee Stephanie Torres. Torres, a resident of Naperville, hopes to pursue a career in nursing. She will serve as a member of the board of trustees until April 2014. She replaces former Student Trustee AJ Knopf, who took the oath earlier this year.


Stephanie Torres being sworn into her new position as student trustee on Sept.19


Courier: On September 19, you took the oath and jumped right in for your first board meeting. What was that like? How did you feel?

Torres: It was very exciting because of the purpose. I can’t even describe it with other words. I was just very happy and eager to start learning. It’s a learning experience.

Courier: How will you prepare for your upcoming work as student trustee?

Torres: To prepare for it, there isn’t a set standard to follow. They give a packet that you have to read before each board meeting -

Courier: The 150 page board packet?

Torres: Yes (laughs). I guess just reading that helps and also communicating a lot with SLC (Student Leadership Council). Some of the members and Chuck Steele (advisor) also have guided me through it all. Basically, so far I’ve made a really close relationship with SLC because they are the voice of the students and they can help me.

Courier: I know SLC helped you to be where you are right now. How did you get to be the student trustee?

Torres: They were looking for a student trustee but they were also other positions open. Originally, I was going to apply for the operations position, but it didn’t really go well with my schedule. So I talked to Chuck and he said, “well, are you interested in being student trustee?” And I thought, “what is that?” But he explained more about it… So I had to write a letter stating why I wanted to be student trustee and why I would make a good student trustee to SLC. I did a face-to-face meeting to see if I qualified for it and then I had to write a statement. Then they all decided if I would be a good candidate.

Courier: Your parents must be proud of you. What was their reaction?

Torres: Well, I’m the only child so they are ecstatic about it. They are very proud and they’re very happy that I’m getting involved and I’m doing something for myself and not just going to school. I’m actually learning more in a different way, not just school work, but also the dynamics of College of DuPage.

Courier: How are the other board members so far?

Torres: I haven’t gotten the chance to speak with them as much as I’d like, but from just seeing them at the board meeting, I think they will be great people to work with. They seem to have a great personality, each one of them, they seem to be really friendly and they were very understanding and they are willing to help… they’re very intelligent and nice people.

Courier: How will you make sure the students’ voices will be heard?

Torres: As a student myself, it’s in my best interest to be not just a representative for myself, but a representative for all students. I’m sure that there are issues that not just other people have, but ones I have as well, ones we all have in common. I will work a lot with Student Leadership Council. We work very much hand in hand, and a lot of students already know SLC and that when they go there, they can speak what’s on their mind. It’s great because I’m there as well. I think also involving myself with not just SLC but with other clubs and organizations and being able to hear and understand their viewpoints, I think that’s how I can best represent the students’ views… if students have an issue in mind, I think that it is important for the Board of Trustees and SLC to hear them. I encourage them to stop by and express their issues and concerns.

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