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The True Campus Commuter

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We all know about the “go green” craze that is has become increasingly fashionable. COD’s “Green Cyclists” have found fulfillment in mak- ing bicycle riding as means of transportation to campus every day.

Full-time professor in Criminal Justice, Deborah Klein’s daily commute to the college is definitely out of the ordinary. The 12 year faculty member and former prosecuting attorney’s “triathlon,” as she likes to call it, consists of walking from her residence in downtown Chicago to the Ogilvie Station where she rides the Metra to Glen Ellyn.

“I purchased a piece o’ crap bike through Craigslist for $50 which I keep locked at the Glen Ellyn Metra station with a $60 lock,” she said.

Klein then rides back and forth from the Glen Ellyn Metra station to the Homeland Security Building on campus,weather permitting.

“I don’t worry about leaving my bike locked up at the station, since I figure it is the least likely bike to be stolen, and the homeless guy keeps an eye on it for me when he can.”

If the weather is lousy, she rides the Pace bus between the Metra station and campus.

“I certainly prefer, however, to bike to and from campus. It is just fun to ride my bike; it’s exercise and offers more flexibili- ty than having to comply with the limited bus schedule.”

Klein is one of many professors that have become a “COD Green Cyclist.”

The Facebook group currently has over 50 members and is growing in popularity. Klein says that as cyclists, they simply love to bike; the environmental and physical health benefits are just a bonus.

“We all bike because it’s fun. It’s also just time to think and clear your head.”

So how does Klein lug all of her students’ assignments, essays and projects to and fro, you ask? She has technology to thank.

“It is so much easier today to bike as much as I do than it would have been five, ten years ago. I do all of my grading on blackboard and on my iPad.”

Klein has been biking instead of driving to campus for over a year now and says her car gets used less than once a month.

“Before I get in my car, I always ask myself; is there another way to get from A to B?”

She feels that some people aren’t taking the time to look at other alternatives and would love to see more students bike to school.

“Think. Think about the environment, think about your physical being, think about your pocket book,” Klein said.

“I come to campus and I see sea after sea of cars, I hear students complain about the parking, but hey, can’t blame me – I’m not sucking up one of those spots.”

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