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Is online learning right for you?

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Should you take an online course this year?

Many students prefer to take one if not all of their classes online. It could be a great way to fit in your education with a busy schedule of work, children, and traveling. COD offers over 240 online courses and there were 7,231 students taking online courses at the midterm count of summer 2013. But are online courses for everyone? Some students are more successful when they have to be in class, hearing and communicating with the professor, in an environment where they’re encouraged to ask questions. Although taking classes online may mean sacrifices, many people believe the advantages are worth it because they allow for plenty of flexibility and freedom.

But do they really? It takes just as much effort to find the time to schedule in and concentrate on your online class, without distractions as it does to drive here every day for school. Students who think it will be easier on them to squeeze in an online class because their schedules are already jam packed, are probably wrong. If you can’t make the time to come to campus for that class, when are you going to find time to sit down at home and do it?

English professor, Jason Snart has been teaching online courses for about ten years.

“I wouldn’t recommend an online course for ‘ease’ and ‘flexibility’,” he commented.

“Online courses and face-to-face classes are not much different these days, in my opinion.”

Just like technology has heavily evolved over the past decade, so has online learning.

“They’re much more interactive now and a group experience,” added Snart.

The beliefs that surround online learning are all from people’s personal experiences. Depending on the person, everyone could have a different point of view about a certain class. The teacher, environment, and subject are all circumstances that could affect what a student has to say about a course they took online or in person.

Bottom line, if you’re trying to figure out if an online course is for you… there’s no way of knowing until you give it a shot. Many believe you have to possess certain characteristics to succeed in online learning, but you need to be just as self-motivated and disciplined to get up, drive here, waste 20 minutes of your life to find parking, and go to class.

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