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A Back-to-School Q&A with SLC President Sam Ortega-Guerrero

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IMG_6879By Joash Mencias

The Courier talked with student body President Sam Ortega-Guerrero about upcoming leadership changes in the Student Leadership Council, his vision as president, and expectations for the new school year.


Last night, there were elections for coordinators of outreach, service, and operations. Why was there a need for new elections when these three coordinator positions were already filled just recently during the spring elections?


Three of the coordinators had personal circumstances in which they had to leave, for their benefit. They were good circumstances, nothing really bad. They just had a lot of life changes that came along. So we needed to fill those vacancies. Filling those vacancies as soon as we could was one of my main priorities because it is very difficult as an organization to function without everyone there to back you up.


It’s a new school year. What are your expectations this upcoming year for Student Leadership Council?


I think it’s going to be a fantastic year. I’m really excited about being able to lead this year. We’re going to get a running start as soon as we get those coordinator positions filled. Once that’s done, I think this is the year that we’re going to start building a community. I finally feel that we are going to make some movement forward. We’re actually going to make this a community college, that feeling of a community within the college itself.


How are you going to create the feeling of community as part of student life at the college?


We’re going to have more cooperative events. We’re going to be having more interactions with The Courier and other student organizations. And I think we’re off to a great start especially because we’re not waiting until the fall semester to create these connections. A lot of these connections that we normally make later on, we’re doing right now.


Besides creating that feeling of community between student groups, what else do you see as part of your vision as student body president?


I see us reaching out a lot more into the actual community itself. If we’re a community college, we have to help the community as well. I think we need to go out and seek service opportunities, like in food banks and soup kitchens. We need to do all of these different things to help out in order for the district to understand why it’s so important to continue to fund the college and why our students are so integral to the community.


What do you want new students to know about Student Leadership Council?


I want them to know that we’re really pushing student involvement. We’re really going to start focusing on getting students to be involved on campus in one way or another. Whether it would be joining one of our 60 plus clubs or by coming to our meetings, in which we will gladly accept anyone, or just even by participating in our service events, just get involved on campus. A lot of research proves the more students are involved, the better their grades are and prospective future will be for them. That’s really something I want to stress for new students.


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