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Breaking the Habit

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The first key to college happiness academically, socially and mentally is getting rid of some of those old high school-isms that you’ve gotten used to. College is a time to grow your personality and set standards for the next stages in life; training yourself to break these old routines will set a solid framework for you to really succeed.

 Take advantage of lenient teachers

In high school, you might have had a close relationship with teachers who let you turn in an assignments late, or allow an extra project to boost your grade. In college, the due date is the due date; no way around it. Miss it, and it’s usually an automatic zero. There aren’t many opportunities for extra credit, so do not assume you can bring a grade up later on.

Relying on study guides

Before, you were probably lucky enough to get a study guide before tests, but don’t expect that here. You have to rely on yourself to take notes every day and to pay attention in class in order to anticipate what material you’ll be tested on.

 Asking to use the bathroom

You don’t have to ask your professor to use the restroom. You may freely go, but beware! Some professors don’t appreciate being interrupted by a student walking out. Fortunately, classes have a minimum 15 minute interim, so that gives you time to handle your business outside of class-time.

 Sharpening your pencils

Not all of the campus’ classrooms have handy pencil sharpeners attached to the walls like your previous institution. Making sure that you always have sharpened pencils will help you greatly in college. (HINT: go mechanical!)

Eating whatever you want, when you want

Last year, maybe you were involved in a sport that kept you in-shape, however many students cease participation in athletics when they go off to college. Plus the added stress of a bigger workload, can lead to overeating and weight gain. Beat the freshman 15; make being healthy a priority. Check out our on-campus tips for healthy eating on page 9.

Relying on friends for class info

In the past, if you were sick or forgot an assignment, you could text a friend to find out what the homework was. This experience is new and it may take time to make friends. Our advice is to get a few phone numbers or email addresses from people you sit near in class. That way, you’ll always have someone to contact, just in-case. Know though, you are expected to be attentive and active in class every day.


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