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Counting Calories

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Do you think there are enough healthy options?

first “I’d like to see more fruits, salads, and nutrition in the food, and less calories. Panda Express should minimize the meat selection and maximize the veggies. We all could use more veggies.” - Alex Alhamy, Science major


“I don’t think the options at Sodexo are healthy enough. Instead of Panda I would have liked to see Panera Bread. The only healthy option I see here is salad.” - Sterling Robinson, Math tutor



“I think Subway and the salad place are decently healthy. Panda not so much. I think it would be cool if we had smoothies here.”  - Michael Mancano, First year student



“I like how there are yogurt parfaits and I always get the fruit cups. At Subway I order a 6 inch turkey on wheat, so for me there’s enough healthy options.”  - Karlee Cluxton, 

Education major



Eat this:

Subway 6”
Big Philly Cheesesteak.

  • -500 calories 
  • -Fat: 17 grams 
  • -Carbs: 51 grams 
  • -Protein: 38 grams

Not that:

Grill 155 6”
Philly Steak & Cheese Sandwich

-900 calories 

-Fat: 41 grams 

-Carbs: 99 grams

-Protein: 34 grams 

Eat this:

Grill 155 Grilled
Chicken Sandwich

  • -240 calories 
  • -Fat: 3.5 grams 
  • -Carbs: 27 grams 
  • -Protein: 26 grams  grams of protein 

Not that:

Subway 6” Tuscan Chicken Melt

-380 calories 

-Fat: 8 grams 

-Carbs: 52 grams 

-Protein: 27 grams 

Eat this:

Subway Double
Chicken Salad

  • -220 calories 
  • -Fat: 4.5 grams 
  • -Carbs: 10 grams 
  • -Protein: 36 grams 

Not that:

Grill 155 Chicken Caesar Salad

-320 calories 

-Fat: 19 grams 

-Carbs: 21 grams 

-Protein: 19 grams

-36 grams of protein 

Eat this:

Mango F’real Smoothie

  • -290 calories 
  • -Fat: 0 grams
  • -Carbs: 70 grams
  • -Protein: 2 grams

Not that:

Chocolate F’real

-580 calories 

-Fat: 23 grams 

-Carbs: 82 grams 

-Protein: 11 grams

Eat this:

Panda Express Cream Cheese Ragoons (3)

  • -190 calories 
  • -Fat: 8 grams 
  • -Carbs: 24 grams 
  • -Protein: 5 grams 

Not that:

Grill 155 French Fries

-280 calories 

-Fat: 18 grams 

-Carbs: 28 grams 

-Protein: 3 grams 

Eat this:

Panda Express String Bean Chicken Breast (1 serving)

  • -160 calories 
  • -Fat: 6 grams 
  • -Carbs: 12 grams 
  • -Protein: 15 grams 

Not that:

Panda Express Orange Chicken (1 serving)

-420 calories 

-Fat: 21 grams 

-Carbs: 43 grams 

-Protein: 15 grams

Eat this: 

Grill 155
Black Bean Burger

  • -300 calories 
  • -Fat: 7 grams 
  • -Carbs: 44 grams 
  • -Protein: 24 grams  

Not that:

Grill 155 Cheeseburger

-660 calories 

-Fat: 38 grams 

-Carbs: 57 grams 

-Protein: 25 grams 

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