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Drinking Game Alert:The winners might not be guaranteed this Sunday at the 55th Grammy Awards, but your good time will be.

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Tune in to CBS at 7pm with your friends and follow these cues:

Take a sip of your drink for everytime…

-Someone says ‘Bieber’

-You see an artist covered in glitter or


-There’s a guy in a shrunken hipster suit

(Take 2 if he’s wearing glasses!)

-Someone is wearing sunglasses… inside

-Somebody references ‘Call Me Maybe’

-You see a non-musical celebrity

-You hear ‘never-ever’


Take a shot…

-If Nicki Minaj’s hair is blonde

(If it’s any color found in the Crayola Big Box,

take 2)

-Every time Rhianna or Katy Perry does an outfit change

-When you see a rapper looking totally uninterested in a non hip-hop performance


Enjoy a hefty gulp each time…

-Adam Levine goes into his falsetto

-2 totally random artists duet together

(Bonus gulp for every ‘surprise guest’ that joins them – may as well just finish your drink if that person is over 50)


Finish half of your beverage for everytime…

-A presenter messes up reading the


-You spot deadmau5

-An artist accepts an award via video

-There’s a standing ovation

-Taylor Swift looks shocked/surprised

(Feel free to pour the rest of it on your ex after)


Chug and don’t stop until it’s finished if…

-If someone falls on stage

-Skrillex wins anything

-During the whole memorial montage

(yep, you better have a 2nd ready… and a 3rd)


…and if someone so much as mentions the word Nickelback, kick them out of your house.

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