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Stances vs. students

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COD students prepare for the 2012 Presidential Election and focus on topics discussed by the two candidates that will affect their future.

Students tackle the issues of Education, Jobs, and healthcare to decide on their vote for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Romney and Obama both have their stances on issues, but the issues that will affect students the most are student loans, Obamacare and the creation of jobs in student’s futures.

Students around campus said that student loans are what keep them working towards getting a higher education and if Romney took that away, there wouldn’t be enough reason to go to college.

“If I didn’t get the Pell Grant, then I would not be in school,” Criminal Justice major Andrea Robinson said.

Other students agree with Robinson on the fact that financial aid should be available to students and without any limitations.

“I think college is something that anyone should be able to afford,” Second year student Robert Sumler said.

On the issues presented about health care, many students and faculty members said that if Obamacare were taken out, students would lose the healthcare that they have with their parents.

“If Romney wins he promises to rescind Obamacare,” Political Science Professor Christian Goergen said. “If he succeeds, some students would lose healthcare they now have with their parents, could be denied healthcare based on pre-existing conditions and some other negative effects.”

Business Management major Michael Batts said that both stances on healthcare are interesting because they both used to be on the same page and now Romney is opposing what he made happen while being a governor.

“[Obama’s stance is more accurate because doctors] will be paid less by the government but they are going to get more money because there are more people able to go to a doctor,” Batts said.

 The creation of jobs has been a growing problem since the Recession and student’s futures are going to be affected after the votes are tallied in order to elect Obama or Romney.

“Obama is pushing for an overhaul of our infrastructure financed through higher taxes for top income earners,” Goergen said. “Romney wants to lower taxes for all and cut regulations to entice businesses to hire.”

Student Camila Slakovic said that she opposes Romney’s stance on job creation because that means less money for her.

“Personally, I don’t like it and our checks are really low because we get paid minimum wage so being a young adult we wouldn’t want to be paid even lower,” Slakovic said.

If students missed the on campus voter registration, students can register online at presidentialelection.com/register_to_vote/illinois.htm or at their nearest DMV.

Obama’s stances:

Education: Obama supports making an earlier tax credit for college to be permanent.

Healthcare: The signing of ACA has extended the longevity of Medicare and improved services to lower the deficit.

Job creation: His plan for the future includes tax credits for workers and employers, a tax to people who make over a million dollars a year and raise budgets to prevent layoffs of teachers and public safety officers.


Romney’s stances:

Education: Romney supports deep cuts to the Pell Grant program to end college tax credits.

Healthcare: Romney supports the repeal of Affordable Care Act (ACA) and will put in place individual tax-advantaged medical savings accounts.

Job creation:  Romney wants to create 800,000 jobs overseas by eliminating taxes in foreign incomes. Although, Romney has yet to provide hope to voters.

 (sources of stances from the BAC Journal issue 3/2012) 

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