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Bring your issues to us

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Help us, help you.

It’s a delicate ecosystem. The college wouldn’t be here without the students, and the students wouldn’t be here without the college, but it goes beyond that.

Faculty has a voice through the College of DuPage Faculty Association, as well as much more contact with administration than the average commuting student to voice their opinions, concerns and questions, but faculty, administration and community feedback are all welcome as well.

That’s why the Courier is here. As the student newspaper, we do our best to cover campus events, news and functions to find out the answers to the questions you have but we can’t do it by ourselves.

Students and faculty have come up to numerous editors to either praise or question the paper, and the feedback helps, but it isn’t enough.

When asked if they want to write a letter to the editor, or even be quoted in the newspaper, the answer we hear most often is ‘no’. The lack of participation, including other groups, campus activities and events has previously been discussed, but this is moving into a different realm.

As seven part-time student employees of the college, we work as the staff to get the information out into the public, but we can’t cover everything that happens on the 273 acres that may involve part of the 27,034 full and part time students that the college caters to.

That’s where you come in; let us know what’s going on and what interests you. Did the tobacco ban or construction affect you at all? Did the BIC South stairs opening allow you to get to class earlier than before?

Instead of complaining to your friend about how much it sucks to have the ban, while sneaking a cigarette between classes, come up to BIC 3401 and talk to an editor about it.

In addition to office hours, we also have e-mails and phones, but Facebook and Twitter can also be utilized to contact us, as well as the website when it is finalized.

Student involvement lets us not only know what is going on, but how it affects the school and student population as a whole. It will also allow us, the Courier staff, to get a better hold on what is important to the student population.

All of our contact information is available, and during most standard business hours there will be at least one person in the office to talk to who can pass the information on to wherever it needs to go.

As this is our fifth issue of the year, there has been a lone letter to the editor in the first issue, and nothing since.

The opinion section is just that; opinions. It gives the students, faculty and community a public forum to discuss topics and share concerns or comments, and if it isn’t being utilized properly, it is being wasted.

Whether it’s more coverage on new campus policies or the best places to study or relax on campus, let us know.

As Jason Gann said on the FX hit show ‘Wilfred’, “Everything is connected to everything.”

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